Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Tuf Kld Spd Rcr

Spd Kld Spd Rcr and Tuf Kld Spd Rcr are even more nasty because the mix careens at breakneck speed and includes noises extraordinaire by Tuf [jp]. If you turn the volume up loudly enough it will sound like a jet plane taking off from your head. Not a good remedy for a hangover. In case you don't know, spd rcr is my homemade abbreviation for Speed Racer, the race car driver and hero of the Japanese cartoon I watched as a kid.

The Hisstory of Filthy Dirt

History is another early KRYNGE release which is thick and gruesome. It sounds like your stereo melting down into molten magma. Each successive KRYNGE tape gets more and more involved and unwieldy.

Bavarian Umlaut Connection

Bavarian Umlaut Connection is actually the funniest tape in the series, occasionally interrupted by a scary voice announcing "This is not a dropout." Classic Minóy interruption tactics abound.

Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Spd Kld Spd Rcr

Singe Binge

Singe Binge is broken up into a few pieces alternating multiple voices (John Hudak [nj], his girlfriend, Minóy [ca], his mother, her friend and more). The other parts of the tape are RoLMo [tn] loops and guitars and mush. Being the first tape in the series this is the kindest KRYNGE release.

Hiss & Hearse

Hiss & Hearse has a cruel hiss which is more than covered up by brash sound sources battling each other.